Whole body massage

30 min
60 min
CHF 70.00
CHF 110.00

Partial body massage

30 min CHF 50.00
Back and Neck
60 min CHF 75.00

Foot reflexology massage

30 min
60 min
CHF 50.00
CHF 85.00


30 min
60 min
CHF 90.00
CHF 120.00

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage is a combination between a full body massage and an energy treatment with warm lava-stones.

90 min CHF 130.00

Pantha Jama

Herbalstamps are warmed up in hot oil to produce a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

90 min CHF 130.00

Pristabhyanga -back massage from India

Ayurveda back treatment. Gentle and relaxing Massage for your shoulder,- back and neck muscles.

50 min CHF 85.00